The goal of NatPro is to apply technologies developed by the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) to investigate the functions of natural product biosynthesis proteins of high biological/biomedical relevance. This is best achieved through collaborations with natural product biochemists that are interested in target identification and performing functional follow-up studies in their own laboratories. At present, our collaborators consist of Professors Michael Thomas and Jon Thorson of the University of Wisconsin and Professor Ben Shen of Scripps-Florida. More collaborators may be added later. To become a collaborator with NatPro, an investigator must first nominate a protein or proteins in an email addressed to, with NPB Nomination in the subject line. This nomination must include the name of the gene of interest, the exact DNA sequence of the gene to be analyzed, a brief rationale for why this protein is of particular biological/biomedical interest to the natural products community, and a description of how structural data would motivate/enable follow-up studies. Nominations will be reviewed by NatPro staff for feasibility and for any conflicts-of-interest (internally or between existing collaborators). Acceptance of a nomination marks the beginning of a collaboration. It is expected that collaborations will result in publications with joint authorship between NatPro and investigators.

The NatPro PSI:Biology Center will: